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Jeremy Engel

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

With his captivating voice and intimate storytelling, Jeremy Engel has a unique way of touching listener’s hearts. Inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Glen Hansard and Rory Gallagher, the French born, Dublin based singer/songwriter creates deeply evocative songs. With fluid guitar playing and adventurous soundscapes, Jeremy has proven himself to be the rare artist capable of perfectly capturing listeners’ emotions.

Jeremy was born in Normandy, France, and spent much of his life traveling around Europe while working as an interpreter for the United Nations. As a result, he gained the broad perspective that would come to define his songwriting. Somewhere along the way, he fell in love with Irish culture, and settled down there in 2006. After many long nights in pubs absorbing traditional Irish music and Guinness, he decided to embrace his life long dream of becoming a songwriter in his own right.

In early 2021, Jeremy emerged with his debut single ‘I Don’t Want To Stay.’ Accompanied by a gorgeous video, the song’s raw emotion served as the perfect introduction to a talented new artist. Jeremy has since built up a catalog of meaningful songs which he is exited to continue sharing with his ever growing audience.

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