Chapelizod, County Dublin

Jobot are a Four piece based in Chapelizod. They got together to play in a band out of a mutual love and respect of music and beer. Their intention is to achieve the maximum enjoyment from both the live element and the party afterwards. Maps to these parties are available on request. The very real.

Formed in the summer of 2008 by Bat, Joe and a sampler. After a few edits of bleeps bangs bops and beats Jobot were created.Finn then joined after coming back from an extended five year holiday roaming the globe.He came into the fold beefing up the sound with his guitar. The final bot to arrive and complete the sound was the very creative Loman. Providing synths bleeps and samples and playing second guitar.Jobot are now gigging around Ireland and abroad to get their sound heard..

Interview from Drop-d Music Magazine - 27 August 2009

Jobot are a relatively new band, having only been around for a year. They’ve concentrated on getting a good catalog of songs together and as the band prepare for their upcoming gig with the Zealots in Kennedy’s of Westland Row, this Saturday night, the band’s bassist and singer Joe talks to Drop-d about who they are and what they do.

Drop-d: Hi Joe, First of all, tell us a little bit about the band, how long you’ve been together and about the type of stuff you do.

Joe: The band has been together about a year now, myself and the drummer, Bat, set it up. We started playing with just bass, drums and a sampler. Then we got some guitarists in, to fill out the sound, and started writing songs. So we got bits and pieces of songs together and did them on a computer, bits of jams and stuff, and stuck them together that way to make songs out of them.

Drop-d: What way would you describe your music?

Joe: It’s a mixed bag really, there’s hard rock elements, punk elements, pop elements. Queens of the Stone Age and Joy Division would be big influences. Sort of robot-rock.

Drop-d: Would you see yourselves as experimental?

Joe: The experimental stuff hasn’t come out a lot yet, we do have a lot if electronic stuff that we’re trying to do the first thing about getting our set together for the first gigs had more of a punk rock element to it, fast and heavy hitting sort of, you know.

we wouldn’t be as post rock as that
Drop-d: So what number gig will Saturday night be?

Joe: This is our fifth gig, we’re starting to bring in the electronic element and trying ot bring visuals into it as well. Really looking forward to it we’re playing with the Zealots, they’re sort of in a dark rock kind of vein as well, like Interpol and that sort of thing. The gig should be good we’re ready for it, hopefully we’ll get the visual thing together.

Drop-d: You’ve already made loads of videos, are the visuals similar to them?

Joe: This will be the first time we’ll use visuals on stage. It’s sort of random videos taken with digital cameras, bits and pieces brought into it but mostly our own footage.

Drop-d: Will using the visuals leave you less opportunity to jam out a song live, by making you stick to a set time frame per song?

Joe: Well, the visuals aren’t in time with the music just yet, we’re still working on that end of it. We haven’t really worked it out yet we’ve just recorded lots of footage to put together

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