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Hip Hop // London, Dublin // He/Him

JoeJas Is A rapper and producer (when producing going under the alias "HairyMuffinMan".). Putting out his self produced debut album ‘Planet’ in 2016 taking influences from punk, Jazz, Hip-Hop & R&B and blending them all. Genre blending has become a defining point in JoeJas’ music, to this date with his latest release 2022 'Gaps & Nomads.'

All music videos have been shot and edited by JoeJas from 2017 showing the array of skills capable. In 2016 he had started his own events under his brand ‘Fat Llama’ which put on a Multitude of artists around London. This was made because JoeJas felt there wasn’t anything for people considered weird and not to meet and find new sounds they weren’t a-custom to. In 2020 JoeJas won the vans musician wanted competition with praise from Anderson Paak & J.I.D.

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