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Joe O'Connor

Rock // Wicklow, Wicklow

Joe O’Connor is an Irish born musician now based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Joe started showcasing his talent in Dublin City at the young age of 15. He quickly gathered a following opening for the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Paddy Casey and Declan O’Rourke as well as performing with his childhood band “Kingzipper” in various venues across Ireland.
In his 20’s Joe went on to create the heavy rock band “Kill Man Ten” and released the album 'Come On In' before the band parted ways.
It was at this point he emersed himself in the intricate workings of songwriting and slowly began working on what would eventually become “No Turning Back Now”.
During this time Joe also became a session guitarist working with such artists as Mark McCabe and Shane Fallon among many others.
In early 2013 Joe joined well known Dublin rock outfit The Shoos where he was able to further refine his talent and ability. Joe also won the Ri Sessions songwriting contest in June 2014.
In May of 2015 Joe began recording his first full length solo album 'No Turning Back Now' in his hometown of Wicklow, Ireland. After the album was tracked Joe emigrated to Canada where he had toured as a solo artist and met his future wife. It was at this time the album reached its completion.
Now based in Canada Joe looks forward to continuing the journey of 'No Turning Back Now' with its release on December 2nd 2017.