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John Keane

Folk // Waterford, Waterford

I am a 37 year old singer song writer born and living in Waterford . Ive been writing music for guitar and vocals now for about ten years , my influnces stem mainly from singer songriters such as Damien Rice, Mick Flannery, Glenn Hansard ,Ray Lamontagne ,Rufus Wainwright to name a few . I have a particular passion for writing lyrics , I write about my experience as a social care worker , a pizza chef and the state of world around me ,...I believe a song can carry a magnificent positive message and that music can change the world ....I do a lot of open mic sessions and singer song writer evenings ,I have written many songs but I have about twenty that I would call finished products that I am happy to play in front of anyone that will listen , If I was to describe my style of music I would call It folk with passion , thanks for looking in

John B. Keane