John Lynch

Naas, County Kildare

John Lynch is an Irish singer songwriter born and bred in Dublin. Since he was young John displayed an interest in music. While sitting in on the family sing songs throughout the years John developed his musical taste for folk music and the art of storytelling. The characters that John met during these years formed his famous Dublin sharp sense of humour and comes out strong in his performances. By blending a contemporary mix to the ballads, he learned while growing up John brings the audience through an emotional journey down through the past and back again. Using only the skilled and dynamic instrumentals and a unique mature voice John creates new musical landscapes to old folk songs and to his own original tracks.
"I love playing music and singing Irish folk ballads. I can honestly say that nothing comes close to the feeling when I connect with a song. The imagery of the story combined with the emotion locked inside the lyric brings me to a place where I am genuinely released".

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