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Kane's Basement

Indie // Cork City , Cork // They/Them

Kane’s Basement are an indie-funk four piece hailing from Cork city in Ireland, who describe themselves as “The real cure for the summertime blues”. With a diverse repertoire incorporating elements of jazz, r&b, and spoken word, they’ve gained quite the following in their hometown.

This funk-punk unit manage to capture a raw energy on stage utilising elements of jazz and spoken-word. Their often sardonic and brutally-honest lyrics give them a unique appeal that grabs the audiences attention and lead to them being crowned winners of the Cork Battle of the Bands competition. With three well-received singles under their belt, their upcoming debut EP is sure to be the buzz of Summer 2024.

“They exude charisma with a hint of suave nonchalance onstage…. guitars effortlessly glide from catchy heavy riffs to debonair licks with ease while grooving basslines stylishly complement rhythmic drums and warm vocals “ Indie Buddie

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21st June 2024 17:00 Supporting Brake Loose More details

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