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Kaos India

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Kaos India is an indie-alternative rock band born in 2012 in the only skyscraper complex ever built in Modena from back in the 70's. The first years are a cocktail of parties, endless nights and hard work on the fourth floor of this decadent building with the windows overlooking the city lights. These years are lived intensly in the hope that those lights may one day shine on them. Between 2011 and 2015 they released two self-produced EPs and one album. The band plays many gigs: they travel thousands of kilometers accepting all kinds of engagements, playing in many varied and surreal situations. The turning point comes during 2017 when they were opening act for Placebo and start working with the producer Pietro Foresti who helps them shape their band identity, working together on the tracks of their next album. In 2018 the signed for Universal and the release -- titled 'WAVE' -- arrived in early 2019. Speaking about the album, Matt Camurri (lead singer/guitarist) says: the sound produced is authentic and personal but universally accessible. The band is composed of front-man Mattia Camurri, guitarist Francesco Sireno, bassist Vincenzo Moreo and drummer Joe Schiaffi.

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