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Karl Deeter

Pop // Dublin, Dublin

A native of Los Angeles, Karl Deeter moved to Ireland as a child & had been going back and forth until the early 2000’s when he settled down in Ireland. He started playing late, taking up music in his mid-teens, but found that he had a passion for song-writing.

His debut album ‘Cracked Up’ hs been described as ‘sunsoaked, dusty, free-wheeling Americana’ (Sunday Business Post) and got 4 out of 5 stars when reviewed by The Sun which said his album had songs (whose) ‘sounds, styles and lyrical flows are like separate gems in a crown’.

His 2nd album ‘New Old Songs’ was recorded in 2007 but only released in 2017 after ‘Cracked Up’.

The third album 'Blacksheep' was featured on radio and hearkens back to his love of 80's punk and new wave, there is a fourth and fifth album in the pipeline for 2019.

You’ll find his musical influences come from many corners with overtones of everybody from Johnny Cash to Johnny Rotten, often with quick and witty delivery of well-crafted lyrics.

His music career has primarily been on the gig and festival circuit in the US (around Chicago and hinterlands) and in more recent times in Ireland (Electric Picnic/rock festivals and virtually every bluegrass festival) and in the UK where he regularly features on guitar or upright bass with different bands (Louisiana 6, The Tin Box Company, Tennessee Hob and others).

Nowadays apart from recording his own music he is also known in Ireland as a financial commentator and property expert, he works on Radio and TV and has penned several books on personal finance, the most recent ‘This book is worth €25,000’ entered the non-fiction charts at number one in its first week and went on to be a best seller.

He also writes on economic matters for several national newspapers, and is a regular on radio and television, find out more at