Kate O' Callaghan

Inishowen, County Donegal


Kate O'Callaghan is a singer/songwriter based in Donegal, Ireland. She performs alongside her husband/musical partner Seamus Devenny - "with stunning vocals and deft guitar and violin interplay; the type of act who’d be right at home beside a crackling fireplace in your local pub or gracing a much bigger stage at the next big folk festival" - Folk & Tumble (IRL). 
Combining evocative melodies with intelligent considered lyrics, she covers a gamut of styles and emotions from Alt. Folk to Jazzy/Blues, the sublime to the cathartic. Evocative, haunting, poignant and refreshingly uplifting, with a unique aspect that explores the less obvious paths tonally as much as the expected. 
To date, Kate has recorded & released an EP (To You), debut Album (The Still Beyond), a 1916 Concept Album (The Girl With The Beret) and received National & International Radio Play and toured in Ireland/UK/Germany and USA

Kate is a member of new Irish/US music collective - Andromeda Artisans
Having released a series of singles in late 2015 - with "Kate's formidable interpretational and songwriting skills both on display" - Fatea UK  and "a salvo of stirring strings and graceful guitars" - PureM IRL
Kate has just released a 1916 concept album, inspired by her Great-gran Aunt, Catherine Rooney (nee Byrne), who was the first woman to enter the GPO in Dublin on the day of the Rising in 1916. 

“Kate O’Callaghan’s The Girl With the Beret is a beautiful recording, a concept album in the best sense. It combines family memories, historic events and movingly personal reflections.
It is impossible not to love this album” - Fatea UK (Review Oct 2016)

Kate’s album’s are available to purchase directly from her website http://www.kateocallaghan.com
or for digital downloading and streaming from Bandcamp or all other major digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify)

Live Reviews:

"Donegal songsmith Kate O’Callaghan writes affecting, delicate music to suit perfectly her silk-smooth, potent voice. She performs with husband Seamus Devenny and the pair have been wowing audiences around the country" - InDublin (IRL)

"Perfectly delivered and contained lots of fine songs which marks them as an act to watch over the coming years. Kate has a beautiful voice and writes interesting song melodies and structures" - Lonesome Highway (IRL)

"Great stage presence" - Chordblossom (N.Irl)

"Rubbing their palms together into their microphones; silk voices wrapped their hands, followed by warm guitar and violin. Kate’s voice was strong and the songs simply gorgeous"  -  Creative Voices Ni 

“Performed exquisitely..” - The Independent on Sunday, London (UK)

“Dreamy and Soulful” - The Dailymail (UK)

"Beautifully evocative…a treat for the senses" - GoldenPlec (IRL)

Additional Album Reviews:

"Subliminal, understated and simply glorious" - Fatea Magazine (UK)

"Powerful..deeply atmospheric..genuinely lovely" - R2 (Rock n Reel) (UK)

"Intelligent, meaningful and extraordinary listening experience" - Fanrealm (USA)

“A talented singer/songwriter with a great voice..”   Shire Folk Magazine (UK)

"A lovely debut album.." - John Creedon, RTE Radio 1 (IRL)

"Warm, inviting, charming and delicate. A stunning debut album" - 2 U I Bestow (IRL)

"An accomplished songwriter" - GoldenPlec (IRL)


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