Keith Marshall

Dublin, County Dublin

Keith Marshall was born and raised in Dublin, and has had a passion for music since an early age. He has been developing his song writing and recording skills since 1985. His influences are wide and varied including, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Howard Jones, The Human League, Pink Floyd, U2, Depeche Mode, Psychedelic Trance, Drum N’ Bass , Mozart... and many more.

Keith performs live gigs as a solo act, singing and playing live. He creates his own backing tracks using a sequencer, drum samples, and various synthesisers, and then plays live keyboards at the gigs, swapping those for electric guitar on some of the songs. He has been performing live professionally since 1989.

Keith also loves jamming with other musician‘s in the recording studio, which led to Ajja Leu’s wonderful guitar playing on the album.

Check out Keith's website for a free download of song 1: Mountainside.

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