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Keith McLoughlin

Singer-songwriter // Terenure, Dublin

Keith McLoughlin is a singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. He writes lyrics/melodies and collaborates with other singer/songwriters to create songs. Keith also presents radio on Dublin South FM, does PR for artists helping them get their music played on other radio stations, hosts a music night The Brady's Sessions and music meet up group The Songwriter Club.

Keith has been writing songs for many years including co-writing with the likes of Chris Short, James Daly, Gillian Tuite and Grace Day who wrote with Keith on his debut singing release “Big Joe” and follow up "My Little Red Eye". Keith has released songs he has co-written with these artists including getting performers Denise Brennan on “Raise A Glass To New Year” “See You Again”, Olivia Burke on “You’re Alive”, Rachel Greene on “Without You” and Chris Short on “Your Smile”, James Daly on “It’s Killing Me Inside”.

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