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Keith Sherry

Soul // Dublin

Keith Sherry is a songwriter/musician based in Dublin , Ireland . Over the last year he has been establishing himself as an independent on the Irish music scene . Radio appearances , press interest & his web pages have seen a steady growth of listeners & fans alike . His style has been described as "Laid back & Down -Tempo with a Soulful groove" . Along with the influence of his early roots of Indie & Electronica that have crept somewhere into the sound. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keiths first journey into music was the usual garage band thing. He joined Dublin band Big Into Rhythm and then went about putting together their own recording & rehearsal space and working on the thing that eluded most bands ... An original sound. They had done all the usual venues around Dublin. But the effort to keep the line up together & constantly looking for gigs was too much & the band went their separate ways. During the mid noughties Keith got involved with several collaborations. Notably with one of the musicians from BIR. He had moved to London & was working in studios over in the UK & back in Dublin. This gave them access to top studios to record their demos & backing tracks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Towards the end of the decade he took a break from music for a few years ... " Looking back now I fell out of love with it , I wasnt enjoying it , my fire went out". He then set up a home studio just outside the Dublin city around 2009/10. At the start his time was divided between producing demos for other artists and more collaborations. Projects ranging from Electro & Club mixes to Jam Band & Indie songs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From 2010/11 he started to write solo full time & it has just kept going. Over the last couple of years the songs have come together & Summer 2011 sees the release of his debut album "Thin Skin". Although the music has a band feel to it there is only Keith recording & performing the songs. He has been lucky enough to have had some great people come in on the Thin Skin project. Session musician Rama Block played acoustic & electric guitars & vocalist Sallay Garnett sang lead on "Gone" & backing on "Your Little Need". Photography/Artwork was by Roy Sheils & Natalie Rix ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keith is currently writing & recording material for his second CD due for release in the Summer 2014 . For more info you can contact Keith at Thanks for taking the time ...