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Kevin Twomey

Folk // Dublin // He/Him

This solo project by singer Kevin Twomey (also founder and frontman of Bigger), originated from a meeting with the second musician, Guillaume Amoureux. Their combined forces, Kevin's precise vision of his tracks and Guillaume's fresh and sparkling idea, came together to outline the artistic direction of this new collaboration.

Bound by their love for folk artists such as Kevin Morby, Eliott Smith, Mac de Marco and inspired particularly by Beck's "Sea Change" album, they gathered in a tiny French apartment to create their first songs. The music that emerged was recorded by a few microphones, a laptop, an old acoustic guitar, a bass and some warm beer and green tea, with the aim to find a simple, authentic, fresh and sensitive essence with a hint of the offbeat.

Mixed and mastered by Jim Spencer, this project resulted in five ballads compiled in an EP under the name of Bloom Room. The tracks intertwine soft acoustic guitar riffs with off-the-wall lyrics that are usually the result of late-night conversations! "Womb with a view", the first single to be released, is the best illustration of this technical process as the title was a lapsus from Kevin’s father in the last hours of the evening.

The live format comes as a three piece which includes Kevin on guitar and vocals, Guillaume on mellotron and acoustic guitar and Philippe Lapierre on drums and saxophone. Their sound is textured, melodic and intimate and yet sometimes massive and powerful.