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Kkamii kitana

Rap // Dublin , Dublin

Kitana wins. Flawless victory.

Kkamii Kitana is known to be an extremely versatile Artist,
She grew up in South africa , Cape Town, Mitchell's plain (one of the most dangerous places in cape town)

Growing up, she was always inspired Rap Music and many other genres.

She moved to Ireland when she was 13,
And landed her first west-end Broadway show "cilla" , at the age of 19.

which toured all around the UK.

She kept on doing Broadway shows and TV commercials, untill she started recording her music and fell inlove with wanting to share her thoughts now, Instead of, playing out a characters thoughts.

She then focused on music ever since ,

The year 2022, She released her first track called "Bling Bling " which had an sessional response and definitely shook the game, featuring Artist/ Lexus Monroe.

Kitana is known for her tricky wordplay and snatchy metaphors, Leaving People wanting more.

That same year she released Another track called "know that I love you"

Which talks about love and relationships.
She tells her story about getting through a painful situation called LOVE.

She has had international interviews and podcast talking about empowerment of Women and believes that women should be independent and get their own.

This year 2023,she will release her debut Album.