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Hip Hop // Belfast, Antrim

KNEECAP consist of Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí.

Producing the most unique sound of late, the lads combine their in-depth knowledge of Irish lingo and killer flow with wry humor. This can be heard in their latest single releases ‘H.O.O.D’ and Gael Gigolo's, as well as previous releases.

"In recent months, KNEECAP has become provocateurs of Irish music. The band’s name is an obvious reference to the Troubles but they have ruffled feathers with their behavior and tunes."- Nialler9, 30 March 2019

Mo Chara and Móglaí jump between languages giving an insight into the life of two young fellas from West Belfast.

Accompanied by their uncle DJ Próvaí, they tell tales of harsh encounters with Sniffer Dogs, to escapades with the Conamara Cartel.

Between an initial ban on RTÉ, run-ins with UCD and condemnation by the DUP, their high energy performances are not to be missed.

"Belfast native hip-hop group KNEECAP are among the most unique break out artists of the year. The trio hail from West Belfast and rap fluently and intelligently as Gaeilge." - Nialler9, December 2018

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