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Electronica // dublin, Dublin

Dorota Konczewska is a producer, composer, singer and multimedia artist living in Ireland.
Her distinct and eccentric sound blends electronic soundscapes with beats, atmospheric melodies and traditional instrumentation.

She is an artist who is not afraid to experiment. In her collaborations with live instrumentalists, she performs with a custom-built patch, which allows her to chop up beats and record live loops. In 2015, she began working with bassist Jenny Hallahan.

Dorota holds a Masters Degree in Music Technology from University of Limerick’s Centre for computational musicology and computer music. Other recent works engage video art. Dorota has worked with a host of international sound artists, dancers, and film directors.

Much of her work has been broadcast, and she has appeared in art festivals across the globe such as:

Fringe Festival – Dublin, Ireland,
Performatica, Puebla – Mexico city, Mexico,
La mama moves dance festival –New York, USA,
Re-new digital arts festival – Copenhagen, Denmark,
London Kings place concert hall – London, UK, and
Nime conference–Carnegie Melon – Pittsburgh, USA.