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LaGracia Music

Soul // Sligo, Sligo

LaGracia is fronted by husband and wife, Gráinne and Kevin from Sligo. Their sound is Neo Soul, reminiscent of the 90’s R&B sound of Lauryn Hill and TLC with an Aretha-esque vocal delivery by Gráinne.

They write from the perspective of the ups and downs in relationships, what is good enough and what we deserve in our quest for love. Gráinne and Kevin have an unique ability to empathise with and write about life, love and loss.
The result is musically dynamic with phenomenal layered vocals.

LaGracia released their first single “Don’t You Ever Leave” in 2015 to raise money for Kevin’s cousin who was dealing with an aggressive cancer at the time. They recruited members of Discovery Gospel Choir to recreate a classic soul sound.

In 2021 they followed up with two singles and then released their debut EP "No One's Fool" .

Since the release they have received national and international radio airplay as well as featuring on Golden Plec, Hot Press and IMRO.

Last year they performed at Wild Roots Festival and supported Jargon as part of Sligo Live. They also were scouted and became a top 100 finalist in The Culture Tapes competition to feature on a mixed tape produced by Darkchild.

They are currently writing and recording their debut album.