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Laoise FitzGerald

Alternative // Dublin // She / Her

Laoise is a composer, music producer & multi instrumentalist based in Dublin. She specialises in songwriting and electronic soundscaping, blending lyric and piano compositions, with textural electronic elements. She began her musical career at age 5, learning classical piano and continued her music studies at Goldsmiths University of London. While studying here she began to challenge her classical training. She developed an improvisational approach to her pianism based around cathartic,experiential expression influenced by Derek Bailey's philosophy on non-idiomatic improvisation. Growing up Laoise studied voice at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and continued her vocal studies at Goldsmiths. In her current work Laoise uses electronically processed vocal tracks to explore a more unsettling vocal expression. In 2023 she will release her debut EP, How To Swallow Spiders.

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