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Larissa Tormey

Singer-songwriter // Kilbeggan, Westmeath

Larissa Tormey, a gifted singer-songwriter with a diverse musical background, embarked on a transformative journey that brought her from the Soviet Union to the enchanting landscapes of Ireland over two decades ago. With a classical mezzo-soprano training and exceptional piano skills, Larissa initially gained recognition as a contemporary pop artist, becoming renowned for her evocative songwriting. Her talent extended beyond her own performances, as she also wrote compositions for other notable singers and dedicated herself to nurturing young musicians at a prestigious music school for gifted children.

Upon settling in County Westmeath, Ireland, Larissa's artistic curiosity led her to immerse herself in the country's rich folk traditions. Initially gaining recognition as a contemporary pop artist, Larissa seamlessly fused her diverse musical influences into a captivating folk sound that resonates deeply with audiences.

Larissa's musical prowess and philanthropic efforts have garnered widespread acclaim. In 2018, she was honored as the "Best Cultural Crossover Artist of the Year" by the esteemed Irish newspaper "Sunday World." This recognition underscored her ability to bridge diverse musical genres and create a unique fusion that transcends cultural boundaries.

In 2022, Larissa organized a grand charity show alongside Charlie McGettigan, raising funds to support Ukraine. As a testament to her musical impact and commitment to humanitarian causes, she received the esteemed "Music Without Borders" award from Hot Country TV Ireland, the oldest country music TV show in the country.

Larissa's discography boasts a multitude of studio albums that showcase her incredible talent and versatility as an artist. Her latest original album, "Larissa-Ultimate Me," has garnered significant praise and recognition. In fact, it is slated to receive an illustrious award at the upcoming "Red Carpet Music Awards" in the Netherlands in August, further solidifying Larissa's status as a distinguished artist.

In 2023, Larissa took a new musical direction, releasing pop music under her new artist name LARA V. She is set to unveil her second pop single, "Rose Colored World," in February 2024. This song is co-written with a gifted EDM producer from the Netherlands, Bram Meester.

Currently, Larissa finds joy in collaborating with songwriters from around the globe under an umbrella of UK-based DWB Publishing, forging meaningful connections through her music. She continues to enchant audiences at festivals and intimate acoustic events throughout Ireland, captivating listeners with her mellifluous voice, heartfelt performances, and the ability to evoke profound emotions through her songs. Her latest winter single, “In The Bleak Midwinter,” was named as one of the best Irish releases and Best Christmas singles in December 2024.

Larissa Tormey is an artist whose music transcends borders, showcasing her exceptional talent, unwavering passion, and dedication to creating soul-stirring compositions that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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