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Last Survivor

Electronica // Derry, Derry

When the likes of Beyonce, Depeche Mode and Daft Punk commission you to remix for them and you collaborate with Robert Smith from The Cure or even Morgan Kibby from M83, its bound to rub off!

Last Survivor is the brainchild of Decky Hedrock and Mick McCallion. Decky who was once part of electro super trio The Japanese Popstars, is now making this new neo-futuristic sound with 80s synths, an attitude of rock and a sprinkling dance music alongside singer/songwriter, Mick, who was the drummer in rock band Droids.

Introducing the fabulous, lead vocalist, 26 year old Cara Molloy fronting the group, Last Survivor could easily be music in your favorite video game, soundtracking a blockbuster movie or TV show, on daytime radio or rocking out on any dancefloor. If the combined previous experience behind them is anything to go by, you can only expect big things.

Their debut release Waste Away EP went straight into No.18 on iTunes Album Chart on release and there is an album called Kill For Love dropping in August. Their releases have been getting national and international radio play, plus they are building up a celebrity fanbase which includes some very well known TV personalities and super star DJs!

“They’re shimmeringly futuristic but with a real retro flavour, all smooth beats, squidgy synth basslines and deliciously catchy hooks. It’s the future we imagined in the 1980s (bang on the money as it turns out) and feels new and exciting with just enough nostalgia to offer comfort” - The Daily Mirror