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Lawless, Kate aka Ladybird

Pop // Galway, Galway

Lawless, Kate (aka Ladybird) lives in Connemara, in the county of Galway, Ireland. She is a songwriter, a poet, a singer and occasionally dabbles in acting/comedy. Before spending the last few years in Cork recording her debut studio album she dipped her toe in the performance competing in poetry slams around galway and having a cameo in the Hardy bucks as ladybird.

Her songs include autobiographical quirky stories about her perilous adventures around the world and they feature some of the colourful characters she met along on the way.

Cool Bears’ chronicles some of the sticky situations she got herself into whilst travelling through India and Israel.

She would describe her style as a juxtaposition of sweet ethereal icing on a deeply layered cake, seething satirically in its comments on society.

A ladybird without a genre she just loves music and composing lyrics melodies, poems, stone dotty ditties. She is as comfortable writing a rap with a chorus to an old school hip hop beat as writing a serious socially conscious song on the guitar. Whether or not there is a cup of tea to your taste in one of her songs, you're sure to be entertained by her quirky, comical and awkwardly endearing stage performance.

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