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Hip Hop // Drogheda, Louth

My family moved from the Bronx to Philly where I was born. I spent a lot of my childhood growing up in Galway listening to the jukebox at the back of our family pub as well as drawing and sketching. At 10 I started making audio stories with my friends on cassette using only my voice to narrate and do the Special FX. Around 14 I started making mix tapes. In '87 I moved to Liverpool where I met local rappers and began learning hiphop production and writing rhymes. I lived in NYC from 1992-2000 where I met a lot of rappers/musicians and had a lot of memorable experiences. Around 1996 I built my first home studio, now Im on my fifth version of my studio and this year released my debut EP "It's Right When it's Wrong" (available on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes etc).