Leila Jane

County Dublin

Leila Jane grew up in both London and Donegal. She began writing songs at age 15 after listening to the full recordings of the 1930’s blues player Robert Johnson. After an appearance at the Cambridge folk festival in 2013, Leila Jane was described as ‘’Somewhere between Janis Joplin and Sandy Denny’’.

Since then Leila has been gigging widely and travelling to the USA to pick up inspiration for her songs. Taking influences from all genres of American roots music, Leila’s voice captures both gritty raw tones and smooth sweet melodies.

In 2015 she received the Imelda May scholarship to study songwriting at BIMM Dublin. Here, she has enjoyed developing her sound and performing with her band.

So far this year, she has played gigs supporting Karl Blau, Tandem Felix, Jessica Lea Mayfield and River Matthews.

Last year she released her EP, Decision Maker which has been highly praised. ''She is without doubt an artist we need to celebrate and her third EP Decision Maker is very easily one of the best Irish EP's of 2017, I hope an awful lot of people hear it.'' (Remy, 2017: https://thebestofmusicandfilm.blogspot.com/2017/10/ep-leila-jane-decision-maker.html?m=1). ''Donegal native Leila Jane evokes the best of classic blues while adding a fresh native twist.'' (Hot Press; July 26, 2017)

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