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Letterbox Kid

Rap // Cork City, Cork // He/His

Letterbox Kid is the artistic project of 24-year-old Irish singer-singerwriter, producer, and rapper, Isaac O’Sullivan. The Letterbox Kid project elegantly blends a wide array of genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B and Soul to create an astoundingly unique and melodic sound. After press & playlist success on Let The Forecast Be White Please, Rainbow Song is now adventuring further into this Irish world of weather to extend this metaphor for expression in classic yet experimental Hip-Hop fashion.”Stormy Daniels”, the third and final single from the Letterbox Kids upcoming project “Let’s Talk About The Weather” releases in June with accompanying music video featuring Irish Pop-Star, Darian June.

Stormy Daniels is an absurdly ambitious Pop-Rap song with a stomping kick & bass as well as a ridiculously lush accompanying instrumental with sizzling synths and stunning vocals from Corks’ very own Charli XCX, Darian June. With Isaac taking lead on production, Tyler The Creators IGOR can be heard twisting in & out of ear shot while the song still takes the time to demonstrate the Letterbox Kids trademark vocal swag as well as his unique writing style & flair. Stormy Daniels is both nostalgic & sweet as well as thumping & eye-opening, with beautiful melodies swinging wrecklessly then delicately from all angles. This song would happily sit upon a car radio on a warm Summers day when there was simply nothing better to do than go for a Sunday-drive and play bops one after two until the sun escaped the sky and you found yourself back in the drive of your family home, too embarrassed to tell your Dad the name of said song.

Since Isaac's first release as the Letterbox Kid back in 2021, the Letterbox Kid project has never stopped growing and evolving, both sonically and thematically. From selling CDs from his school bag to supporting the likes of Paul Noonan and Daithi, Isaac has always made music for the right reasons; for personal growth and understanding, for sharing in expression, for fun. The Letterbox Kid project, now with several successful singles behind it, being prolific in 2023 with six single new releases, is more than ready to reach new heights in 2024.

Isaac was born in the countryside of Waterford in the south of Ireland, he grew up on the sounds of Joni Mitchell, Damien Dempsey, The Police & The Be Good Tanyas, with his father being a formative figure on his listening habits. He has spent the majority of his young adult life living in Cork City, studying under some of the brilliant minds at the Cork School of Music. Here was where the Letterbox Kid project was born. Influenced by peers and friends such as Hausu Records co-founders Automatic Blue and ActualAcid, as well as Irish Hip-Hop revelation Alex Gough, the Letterbox Kid sprung into life with sounds of Jeff Buckley, Tyler The Creator, King Krule and Travis Scott. The harder Isaac worked and the more comfortable he became in his skin made for local as well as national success with shows in Cyprus Avenue, Workmans, Sea Church and Whelans, working with artists such as 1000 Beasts, Arthur Valentine and Houseplants along the way, finding Spotify editorial playlist success on 'A Breath Of Fresh Eire'.

“Isaac O’Sullivan, via his adopted moniker Letterbox Kid, has released a brand new single this week, a genre-elusive track that takes you by surprise. In Cork City-based O’Sullivan’s own words, ‘Rainbow Song’ is “a story that’s gonna break your heart.” It’s admittedly strange musically, with interspersed wind instruments sampled over a pulsing piano-laden beat, but Letterbox Kid not only makes it work but elevates it. His sixth single this year, his sound is fresh and ambitious, ‘Rainbow Song’ embodying that.“ ~ Jess Murray, Hot Press.

Rainbow Song was tastefully constructed from top to bottom by the Letterbox Kid himself. On this particular song, as it is deeply personal & emotional, the Letterbox Kid pushed himself out into the vast world of production and cut the guide line behind him. The results are spell-binding. Full of ups & downs, chaotic rocking back & forth. A mix of textures and emotions which take turns in the spotlight as often they don’t plan to get along. The piano chords are epic and the drums slap the listener on the back of the head and shout ‘wake up!’. The samples confuse & swirl and when they’re ready they reveal their beauty. The lyrics are descriptive & mesmerising and the story unfolds nevertheless through-out the madness & raw emotion until the Letterbox Kid shouts the reflective phrases of… ’Who The Fuck Left Me In Charge Of Rainbow, Who The Fuck Made Me God Of This Beauty, Who The Fuck Said You Needed Rain To Make A Rainbow, Who The Fuck Decided We Needed To Feel Something’. And then, the song falls away to a clarity of sadness as tastefully as it begun just as that night had done. This is the Letterbox Kids greatest story to date.

With Let The Forecast Be White Please behind him and Stormy Daniels in front (pardon the innuendo), Letterbox Kid is ready to launch this musical project to the next level, using all of the cleverly crafted tools he has learned over the years, whether that be songwriting, production, performing or marketing. 2024 will stand as a huge year for the Letterbox Kid project. Let’s Talk About The Weather playfully intermingles the Letterbox Kids expressive thoughts and feelings with Irelands obsession with the topic of weather to create an immersive experience, delving into mental health issues, love and loss. It’s a project full of character, melodic expression and beautiful raw emotion.

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19th September 2024 19:00 Let’s Talk About The Weather (Irish Tour - Full Band)
20th September 2024 19:00 Let’s Talk About The Weather (Irish Tour - Full Band)
21st September 2024 19:00 Let’s Talk About The Weather (Irish Tour - Full Band)

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