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Light Grey

Emo // Galway, Galway

Galway, Ireland’s Light Grey are production duo Ciaran Nevin and Mikey Connolly. Entrenched deep within the captivating domain of third wave pop punk, the duo draws on elements of emo and hip hop to create an effervescent energy all of their own.

Formed in late 2017, Light Grey stepped out into the alternative music scene with the release of their debut pop rock EP, Beginners Luck. Expanding to a temporary full-band format, they subsequently released three singles throughout 2019 and 2020. In addition to facilitating the production of their own discography, Nevin and Connolly have also worked on tracks alongside the likes of Sammy Clifford (WSTR) and Smrtdeath over the course of their so-far short tenure.

The band recently released their latest EP “Are You Even Real” (Co-Produced by Luke Bovill of Happydaze Ex. Woes) showing off a totally new side of the band, experimenting with a combination of electronic sounds while blending PopPunk with Emo and Hip Hop. The band also showed that can be emotionally open dealing with issues the band had in the past, friendship and love.

In 2022 Light Grey announced their latest single Loser gaining high praise from New York Pop Punk giants State Champs stating “That’s going to work” — “Get on that train now before it blows up".