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Electronica // West Cork, Cork

I'm LionFX.

I make retro electronic music influenced by old synth music, funk, soul and pop.

I've been making music under different names for years. I've done all sorts of stuff from Jazz trios to live gabber.

I was previously one half of Digger which was a bass music duo. We earned praise from people like Boxcutter and Jamie Vex'd, and Loops Haunt dropped one of our tunes in one of his big Summer mixes.

LionFX is my first real effort at making the kind of music I love best. Everything previous to this was sort of taking the piss or working to a formula of some sort :)

I live in West Cork and I'm into electro, italo, hip hop, freestyle, old synth soundtracks and stuff like that.

Hope you like my tunes.

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