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Living Things

Acoustic // Dublin, Dublin

Living Things celebrate life’s many dimensions with a soulful blend of talent and style. Evolving from a collaboration between Segun Akano (Yankari Afrobeat Collective, Akano Rhythm Brothers), Morgan Baker (Louisiana 6, Pop Republic Collective), and emerging solo artist Ṣelu Adé, Living Things integrate afrobeat, neo-soul, and progressive R&B flavors into a compelling modern sound.

It started one evening during lock-down in Dublin’s North Strand when Morgan and Segun met up for a jam. By the end of the night, they had recorded an instrumental track they felt would suit a skilled vocalist. On a whim, Segun sent the track to Ṣelu, whose solo work he had recently come to admire. Ṣelu (pronounced “SHEH-lu”) promptly returned the track after adding his voice along with lyrics about how music can illuminate even the most sullen moments. Before the trio had even met, they had their debut track: “ I See Sounds”!

In just a few months, Living Things had grown into a four-piece with as many singles in the works. The trio went down to Crossroads Recording in Kilkenny with a bag full of tunes, and by the end of the session, producer-engineer Sean Montgomery Dietz (Elikya, Loud Motive) had joined the trio on bass. The band debuted at Signs of Life Festival in September 2021 and played The Sugar Club in January 2022. Their first releases will be in Spring 2022.