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Liz is Evil

Other // Dublin, Dublin

Described as genre-straddling, punk, not punk, 50's rock n'roll, pop and just about every other cliché in the guitar band vocabulary, Liz is Evil's peers and critics all agree on one thing - a brilliant knack for songwriting and consistently one of the best live acts in the country.
2012 sees the release of 'BABY BOOM' - 11 brand new tracks recorded the way the band ought to be seen - LIVE!

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Baz - 00353(0)877833145

'Liz Is Evil have managed to create a little beauty of an album here' 8/10 (Baby Boom)

'Liz Is Evil's latest album 'Baby Boom' will shake your brain! They know how to put together scerated pop tunes, and they've done it with startling effect here.' Dan Hergarty 2FM/2XM BLOG

'Frenetic, punk-ridden, moreish rockabilly. Potentially and beautifully dangerous' -

'They are an exceptional live band and never disappoint.' -

' one of the most consistently excellent live acts in the country' - Golden Plec

'Truly the mad scientists of Irish punk rock...' -

'decent, meaty rockin’ tunes with a hint of punk and just a dash of Fuck Ya.... great name... great band....' - Connected Magazine

'...their live shows are a blast.' - Hot Press Magazine

'If this is what evil sounds like, I don't ever want to be good.' - Hot Press album review

'A brilliant knack for hooks and song-writing on show. There's nothing fancy about it. But that's why it works.'

'This new video from Liz Is Evil is like a cross between Carrie, The Exorcist, A Clockwork Orange and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, all bundled up in the type of riffs that would raze Hollywood to the ground' - Harmless Noise/

'50's rock n' roll, punk and pure pop tunes, great music to wake the neighbours with' -

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