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Lord Jane

Alternative // Belfast, Antrim

LORD JANE formed in 2022 when Sam Foote (Guitar) and Dylan Norton (Drums), who have played music together for over 10 years, decided to get together to collaborate on a fresh, new project that brought together a mutual interest in exploring shared influences and love for similar types of music. They were keen to take a step away from the heavier sounds that they both were used to in their other projects (Ferals, Wohn) and take a leap in a different musical direction. The template for what was soon to become LORD JANE was a softer, more melodic and rhythmic based sound. After a short time, Carl Small (bassist) joined the duo, and his collaboration further solidified the rhythm that would shape the bands vibes as a more dancier, pulsing sonic experience. Aidan Reynolds was the fourth welcome addition, bringing with him his soaring guitar grooves, creating a very unique blend of two guitars in a mutual partnership in a band, rather than one taking the lead and the other taking the rhythm. Adding a second guitar meant there was more scope for exploring a wider and more complex harmonic sound. The final addition of vocalist Clodagh May solidified the lineup and set the mood at the heart of the band’s songs, expressing themes of deeper consequence and delving into hard-to-talk-about subjects, which juxtapose the up-beat explosion of music.

Sonically influenced by Radiohead, Wolf Alice and Paramore, with a hint of Pinegrove and Delta Sleep; and heavily inspired by how it feels to listen to Jeff Buckley at a disco, Lord Jane is a 5-piece post-punk, funky-pop, alt-rock (with a little bit of spice) ensemble that will emotionally destroy you while you dance your wee heart out. Hailing from across the North of Ireland, the band is an amalgamation of genre defying talent who cannot wait to introduce you to their passion project and baby, LORD JANE.

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27th April 2024 18:00 Supporting Problem Patterns More details

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