Newbridge, County Kildare

LPX was Kildare man Leigh O’Gorman, although now based in East London. He specialised in brooding punk infused experimental electronica, as heard on three highly recommended releases; 'Seventeen', 'Experiments in Dub and HiFi' and 'Easy Music for Difficult Ears' and one awful lump of shit called 'Fashion/Not Fashion'.

On LPX releases, O'Gorman provided the (occasional) vocals, the programming, the production AND played all the instruments.
Leigh says his music sounds like “a bunch of nerds in a small room dropping acid”.

LPX ceased to exist in December 2008, as he has relinquished that responsibility to work on other music related projects.
(LPX, 2005 - 2008)

In his spare time, he writes for three blogs;
one music orientated (The Weekend Pollution; http://theweekendpollution.wordpress.com),
one motorsport driven (TheMotorsportArchive.com; http://themotorsportarchive.com)
and another guided by self-obsessed putrid nonsense (David C Brooks and the Stories of Frank Peterson; http://davidcbrooks.wordpress.com).

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