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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

My career as a gigging musician started in the late 90s but my first significant experience came in the noughties as a member of seminal bands of the Irish alt rock scene with whom I had a chance to tour Ireland and the UK, gather national airplay and reviews in the main Irish magazines.

Despite these positive experiences, personal circumstances led to the disbandment of both bands and to a personal musical hiatus which lasted 7 years between 2012-2019. In 2019 I decided it was time to get my playing back into shape, so I purchased a guitar, a DAW and started recording some musical sketches, old songs and other ideas which at first I thought would never even see the light of the day.

As the story shows, I was wrong, as in 2021 I decided to release the first batch of these private musical experimentations, aptly named Proof of Concept. A year and half later I decided to follow up on PoC with an instrumental track written at the height of the 2020 pandemic.