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Alternative // Cork city, Cork

Luunah is a band who enjoy pushing creative boundaries and exploring new territories as they attempt to make the world a more intriguing place through music. Their ability to seamlessly blend contrasting styles such as Pop, Alternative and R&B proves there is always potential for new genres to flourish and continue the electrifying evolution of sound.

The group was formed in 2019 by singer-songwriter with friends while studying at the CIT Cork School of Music. Sarah-Beth plays and composes alongside Paul Brennan (drums), Lee Kennedy (bass), Emily Naughton (synth) and James Gormley (guitar). Having all come from diverse musical backgrounds with experience in various scenes, they found common ground in their desire to create authentic original music.

Words are delicately placed within the structure of a driving rhythm section while ethereal synth and piano textures act as the glue which holds each song together. Through their music, Luunah aims to capture all the colourful emotions sprawled across the human spectrum – no matter how ambiguous or forbidden.

Their music is sentimental yet animated, there to accompany you through times of both introspection and when you desire nothing more than to let go.

Luunah's debut album is out now