Ferbane, County Offaly

By her own admission, the last twelve months have been full of standout moments for the 18-year-old Irish, half Argentinian musician, who first caught attention early last year via. a cover of Dean Lewis’ Lose My Mind, captivating listeners and the musician himself who invited Luz to support him in Dublin.

This wasn’t the first time the singer had posted a cover, she had posted hundreds secretly from her bedroom over the years, with her identity always remaining anonymous. By the age of 16, she decided to slowly lift the veil of secrecy, it was only then that she told her parents.

Luz’s powerful voice and emotive storytelling, sophisticated beyond her years has since caught the attention of many more of her favourite musicians including Lewis Capaldi who said of her cover, “Absolutely blown away by this”. Likewise, Maisie Peters, “I literally cannot fathom how good you are, please sing all my songs”, Niall Horan, JC Stewart and most recently JP Saxe. These incredible moments show no signs of abating.

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