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A fusion of unaccompanied singing, poetry, harp and bodhrán music, MacBóchra exists at the crossroads of traditional and folk music, storytelling, Irish folklore and literature.

The ensemble's name derives from the ancient seanchaí and shape shifting salmon, eagle and hawk Fintan mac Bóchra. Throughout medieval Irish literature Fintan appears as sage and repository of Ireland's most ancient traditions and stories. As the one eyed salmon of Assaroe 'Goll Essa Ruadh', Fintan represents a version of the all knowing salmon of knowledge. Medieval literature depicts him as the sole survivor of the biblical flood, living on in different forms as sole witness to the various migrations (Partholónian, Nemedian, Fir Bolg, Tuatha Dé Danann, Gael) to Ireland throughout the millenia.

Fintan macBóchra's role as a foundation of seanchas and storytelling represents the ensemble's aims of musically exploring the vast richness of the medieval written and oral traditions bequeathed to us through native folklore.

MacBóchra reimagines and retells the traditional in a contemporary and incantatory 21st century form.

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