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Rock // Westmeath

Makewait are a 3 piece band who have know each other all their lives Coming from Athlone, a small town in the middle of Ireland,all they ever wanted to do was to write music and for as many people as possible to hear it.

All members lived within a mile of each other, went to the same school, and share the same passion for music as each other.In a way they are quite a unique band where no one is putting pressure on one member to solely write all the material.All 3 members write music,lyrics and sing which is rare in today's musical climate.

Their distinct vocal sounds can be heard on their debut ep, which has received plenty of air play on a variety of music stations in Ireland.
Songs such as "1/10" and "Stonewalled" capture their different, yet infectious melodic styles which can only come from all members sharing the writing capabilities.
They have also supported acts such as Delorentos,The Blizzards, The Flaws and numerous others.

In late 2009,after a 2 year hiatus,Makewait decided to reform.They began recording new songs in Lakeland studios,Glasson and Grouse lodge studios in Rosemount. With their ability to write songs,closeness as a group, and drive to succeed,Makewait will not give up on the only thing they have ever loved and enjoyed!MUSIC

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