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Dance // Waterford City, Waterford

Began by playing the theme music to Custers Last Stand that I had just seen on tv, on a piano the day after my parents bought it for us ..... quite a long time ago!
I started playing keyboards when I was 13 and had the pleasure and honour to have grown up in the late 70's and 80's when there was loads of creativity going on in the music industry. I always had a keen interest in anything to do with piano and electronic music/ keyboards and my first introduction to this was through Jean Michel Jarre and the Concerts in China.
I then went away to sea and continued to explore the worlds music and compose whenever I had a chance till I returned to Ireland in 1999. Since then I have attempted to delve deeper into electronic/ dance/ easy listening and hope that you enjoy the selection of music that I have uploaded here. I only got to know this website lately and look forward to being a part of it.
I work on a ROLAND FANTOM 8 keyboard through REASON/ RECORD software and when my friend is available, my music is mastered and finished off by a sound engineer in Laois, a gifted musician. The sound of the piano is foremost in my mind thus features in most of my tracks in one way or another. I am also really into using big brass and strong sounds where possible. I guess this is the Spanish or Latin American influence coming through. And of course I have that special place for a guitar solo too!