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Marie Conniffe

Acoustic // Cork, Cork // She/her

“All I know and all I’ve been is mine” - Marie Conniffe (“Whiskeytown”)

Marie Conniffe spent a long time, maybe a bit too long, playing songs by other artists, namely Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Janis Joplin, and Neil Young. Having absorbed from the best, she was eager to find her own voice and experimented with song-writing in her teens and early twenties, but found herself lacking in much to sing about really.

Marie began to focus on her writing, in earnest, when she arrived in Seoul, South Korea in 2004. Inspired by the people she met in the music scene there, she began to gig regularly and to actually finish songs and perform them in public. The highlight of that particular Korean stint was a slot as the closing event of the 2005 World Arirang Festival in Jeongseon, where Marie sang an a capella version of “Mo Ghile Mear”, as well as the theme song of the festival in Korean. She also sang an original song called “The Door” which, even in those early days, had become a signature tune of hers.

As their time in Korea drew to a close, Marie and her musical pals made plans to continue the fun, games and tunes back in the real world. However, Marie must have taken a wrong turning because instead, upon her return to Ireland, she found herself in the midst of a manic episode and was admitted to a psychiatric unit until she had stabilised. By that stage, the party was over and the band had separated before they’d even begun.

The story of Marie’s “mental ill-health” or “spiritual adventure”, depending on who you’re talking to, is documented on her album “Love Madness”, which she recorded with Rohan and Al Healy of Beardfire Music and their dad David Virgin, and released in 2018.

“The Door” is a song of hope and didn’t really fit with the story of “Love Madness” so Marie decided to release it as a stand-alone single. She went back into the Beardfire studio in September 2019 to record the bulk of it. Marie’s friend and Seoul-mate Rebecca Cant added some flute. Luke McDermott made the video for it. And finally it is due to be released on Friday, 9th July 2021.