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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Marlé is the moniker for singer-songwriter Maria Ohle from Dublin. Her sound is an eclectic mix of soulful piano combined with electronic vibes. She has been compared to a broad range of acts from Kate Bush to Lana Del Rey to Florence and the Machine.

'Sister' is the first of two Ep's due for release in Autumn 2014. Showcasing her unique sound it opens with the electronic and upbeat 'Drive', followed by an electronic 'Trouble' and closes with the popular and soulful 'Slowdown' and delicate 'No Pain' - her song that was featured in award winning Documentary 'No Limbs, No Limits'(RTE1)

"The intimate is felt straight away from the opening. This is heartfelt yet shows it in a convincing way that draws you in... it is descriptive to the tone and structure. In doing so it creates a very decorative number that has a fragile side showing to it- Slowdown"

'Brother' is her accompanying and anticipated Ep to 'Sister' and is due for release in the later Autumn.

Marlé begins again a string of gigs to celebrate the release of her tracks come August 2014.