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Mary Bleeds

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Deep Grunge and post punk grooves, psychedelic moods and emotional, cerebral lyrics define the engaging vibe of Alternative Rock band, Mary Bleeds.

Though officially formed in 2019 in Dublin, Ireland, their origins date back two years earlier when vocalist Guilherme and guitarist Paulo formed a band called Eça. That project didn't pan out but the duo stayed together. Eventually they recruited their guitarist friend Leticia Ledoux to join them on bass. Mary Bleeds was born. Within months they were in the studio recording their debut album.

The timing posed unique challenges. Forming a new band in the midst of a pandemic meant struggling just to find practice space. However, hushed rehearsals in Guilherme's apartment only brought them closer as musicians. Together they developed a post-punk, 90's Alternative influenced sound with insightful and sometimes dark lyrics on themes of patriarchalism, misogyny, religious brain-wash and rage.

On December 18th and 19th of 2020, Mary Bleeds set up shop at Analogue Catalogue studio in Northern Ireland, where the band plugged in and tape rolled. The warm analog sound of the recording perfectly captures the energy and nuance of the band's powerfully emotional live in-studio performance.

The members of Mary Bleeds are all multi talented artists. The trio created much of their own visual aesthetic themselves, from artwork to video editing. Additional collaborators include photographers Jean-Philippe Hofmann, Ewa Pypno and Michelle Maros. Together with the band they have created a fitting air of mystery around the enigmatic Mary Bleeds.

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