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Maskedman is a return to music for Dermot Barrett, former lead singer of Ten Speed Racer.
'The Illusion of Grandeur' is his first solo album and it goes under the name of Maskedman. It was recorded in various rooms up and down Ireland many years ago, and finished with the help of some of Norway's finest musicians in Bergen, Norway, where Dermot now lives.

What's been said(so far) of 'The Illusion of Grandeur'-

"The singer and guitarist writes songs with strong heartbeats that flicker and surge in all the right places...Barrett’s tremor of a voice is satisfyingly rich all the way through...there are no illusions of grandeur here – just a solid, honest foundation for whatever comes next." THE IRISH TIMES.

" Indie drive and nerve under fine words...if Coldplay did 'Sellotape the Seams', it would be a full blown world hit.." BERGENAVISEN.

"For me there ARE absolute killer songs all over this album.
Stupid Earth Boy is a swirling beauty of a song. Engrossing lyrics and Dermot's voice in this song sits in that perfect place which sets himself apart from anyone attempting such a delicate song. Gloriously understated song.
Coming Of Age is the lovechild of TSR's 'January' and 'Burn My Old Ghosts"....and what a beautiful child it is....
Paint is a major highlight for me....theres something mysterious and quite dark about this song, that I cant quite put my finger on.... and honestly, im not sure I ever want to.
Daybreak, If You Get It Wrong, On A Roll, Revolving are undeniably laden with the feel, hooks, intelligence, colour and personality of Tenspeedracer. The lucky bastards....!!!
Sellotape The Seams to me is a departure from TSR. Some of the best hooks on the album. A lovely building mood and again that special place that Dermots unique voice takes you to.
Rollin Over is a great uplifting closure to the album.
Finally Robots for me is a touch of genius. An absolute killer in the truest sense. An alluring song that pulls you in and stays with you long after its timed out. I'd go as far as saying this up there with Dermot's finest ever moments...
' comes the rain, stealing colours, making trouble, make mine a double and wash this day away...'
K I L L E R. " JOE WALSH, Ekko Park.

But you don't NEED other people's opinions to make up your own mind, nor do you NEED to know anything further about Maskedman. Whether you would WANT to know more, well,...listen to the music.....It really should be the only reason that you here....

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