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Max Gotham

Pop // Tubber, Clare

Gearóid Hanley, operating under the pseudonym [Max Gotham], emerges as an up-and-coming figure to watch closely in the music realm. Hailing from County Clare, he boasts a dynamic profile as a versatile Producer, Composer, and Songwriter spanning multiple genres. His journey in music commenced at the young age of 13.

With an unbounded wellspring of creativity, Gearóid possesses a remarkable ability for crafting an array of genres to a professional caliber. Notably, his single "Pull You Closer" garnered airtime on iRadio, underscoring his growing presence. Beyond this, his artistic prowess extends to collaborating with apparel brands in both Ireland and the UK, lending his musical talents to the composition of official promotional videos.

While his name might not yet be a household one, his fervent ambition propels him towards realizing his aspiration of becoming a preeminent music producer. In addition to his multifaceted skills, Gearóid exhibits a somewhat reluctant yet proficient ability in singing, coupled with proficiency in playing the piano and the concert flute.

Note: Gearóid's Cinematic Compositions can be found on Spotify, search for Gearoid Hanley.

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