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MB Collective

Soul // Cork City, Cork

MB Collective is a marriage of Detroit soul, African rhythm & Latin flair. Having garnered an outstanding live reputation in Ireland for their improvisatory flair, dulcet vocals and relentless rhythm, the band is now aiming for the digital stratosphere. March 6th will see the release of their much-loved single “Let’s Go to Cuba", followed by a live launch in May, featuring crowd favorites like “Aye Aye” and “Blown Through the Haze” as well as new material.

MB are a band that pride themselves on their eclectic nature, musicianship, raw energy and an aesthetic/cultural promiscuity. The band currently boasts no less than five nationalities (Brazilian, Spanish, Croatian, New Zealander and Irish) allowing them to draw on a deep well of cultural cross-pollination as well as multiple musical heritages.

The MB line-up currently features Mili Onair on vocals and percussion; Jake Walsh on bass and backing vocals; Antonio “Basa” Gonzalez on percussion; Cathal Nally on guitar and trumpet; Jabin Ward on tenor sax; Gustavo “Gusmao” Marques on drums; Ari Sheehan on guitar and Rob Power on keys. Founded in 2013, the extended MB family has also featured Meg Cronin; Jamie Darby; Amaro Sanchez; Dylan Howe and the band's co-founder, the late Brian Carey.