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Méadhbh Boyd

Pop // Cork, Cork

"Clare-born, Cork-based musician, composer, trad fiddler (a member of the Turloughmore Ceili Band), teacher and journalist who has recently turned her attention to making spooky, high-grade experimental pop tunes like “Smelly Defeat”. More of this kind of thing, please"
Jim Carroll, The Ticket, The Irish Times.

"Anyone who has met the multi-talented Meadhbh knows she has an infectious energy, and while this seeps through into her music, it is beautifully restrained by the soft rhythm of the piano that forms the backbone to her latest songs. There’s a Regina Spektor feel to the tune below, Smelly Defeat, and I suspect the young multi-instrumentalist may draw many comparisons to Fiona Apple – but she lacks the overwrought emotions that feature in the latter’s work. An added reason to listen to her: anyone who thinks it’s ok to be a weirdo (as per the lyrics to Smelly Defeat) is a hero(ine) in my book."
Aoife Barry (RTE 2XFM and Sweet Oblivion Blog)

"CLASSICAL pianist, pop-minimalist and trad troubadour - Meadhbh Boyd is very much her own woman. Painted since birth on a rich musical canvas, this multi-instrumentalist straddles genres with ease - always mixing, always shaping"
Andrew Hamilton (The Clare People )

Born in 1986, learned violin and piano. Joined groups: ceili bands, orchestras, quintets, wedding groups, session musicians, whatever. Met loads of interesting people on travels. Studied BMus at the School of Music and Theater University College Cork, recently graduated with an MA in Ethnomusicology, no plan after...just music and living.

What you hear on this page is what I like to do (write songs...), but I also compose instrumental work. I have arranged string parts for various musicians/groups, organised events/exhibitions, teach traditional Irish music, appeared on Irish, Polish and Japanese television/radio, produced and presented radio shows, slept in Central Park West. Other than that, I am a member of the Turloughmore Ceili Band (fiddle), and guest for other groups/orchestras/projects.----------------- If you are interested in hearing more of my arrangements/work or want to collaborate please message me.