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Melissa Jane Carroll

Other // Meath

Melissa Jane Carroll ranks among the finest songwriters working in Ireland today. As proficient composing and performing in Country and singer songwriter as she is in R & B and pop, from genuine big sky ballads that pull at the heartstrings to fast paces chart anthems that have you dancing round your bedroom. Melissa has an uncanny ability to nail the line, the sentiment, the vibe just as it needs to be expressed time after time. Every composition not only satisfies aurally with their infectious hooks and memorable melodies, but lyrically Melissa doesn’t shy away from the important and serious topics that affect us all; political issues, mental health, toxic relationships and spirituality to name a few.

Melissa’s debut single “Smiles I Fake” released in 2017 and became the theme to short film “If Only” which raised awareness for the prevention of suicide and featured at serveral film festivals around Ireland and beyond. Soon after she wrote and performed “Don’t Forget me”, which was used in a campaign to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

In 2022 Melissa embarked on a mission to produce and release a raft of stunning singles and music videos which have been highly praised, receiving thousands of streams and significant radio airplay across Ireland, the UK and indeed worldwide. With the recent releases of Hostage, Down, Made to Fly, Break Heaven’s Rules, Finding Me and 300, Melissa cements her place among the most versatile and prolific songwriters in the field.

2023 will see Melissa continue to build on her already impressive recorded catalogue as well as perform a number of live shows and radio appearances. Absolutely one to watch.

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