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Rap // Dublin, Dublin // Hi/Him

Melonhead is the childhood nickname and solo creation of Dublin producer/songwriter Shane Tadgh Nolan. After having his move to London cut short by COVID-19, Melonhead presented itself as the perfect vessel for frustrated and honest songs that were beginning to surface while locked down in Dublin. After squeezing in a tour with his band project supporting The Calling in March 2020, Nolan is very eager to perform again. This time with Melonhead, we are introduced to a more vulnerable and genuine side to Nolan.

Melonhead's sound stems from a quirky, honest tone which is then enveloped in edgy acoustic guitar loops and lush harmonic textures. His music is a fine blend of many well-known influences, but the way in which he churns them out points at an impressive ear as a producer and musician.
As a producer, Nolan definitely holds his own with beats that hit home in a very different way. Melonhead's production seems to focus on musicality while keeping the 808's knocking and the parts simple and beautiful. His vocal capabilities stem right the way from deep deliveries to beautiful falsetto breakdown hooks. As a seasoned performer, the vocal delivery on these tracks is definitely to be noted.

Melonhead is currently working on his debut album with a debut EP to drop in September 2021 via his label The Anything Átha Cliath. As per the teasers on his socials, Melonhead's summer looks full of new tracks, new videos and a heap of very interesting performance content along the way.

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