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Meridian Sway

Rock // Walkinstown, Dublin

Meridian Sway are a five piece band hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Formed in early 2014, these five individuals fuse together elements of rock, pop, soul and R’n’B into a massive sound that is all their own.

Their debut effort ‘All for Nothing’ was the product of a relentless summer of gigging and writing, and a fantastic week of recording with esteemed producer Gavin Glass (Lisa Hannigan, Bell X1, Hot Sprockets) in his Orphan Recording Studios. Driven by stirring riffs, thunderous backbeats and emotive vocals, Meridian Sway’s debut EP ‘All for Nothing’ has garnered acclaim from many people within the Irish music scene and further afield. ‘All for Nothing’ has received airtime in places such as the U.K., Germany, Belgium and Canada.

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