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Rock // Dublin, Dublin

The aim of Middlespace is to create unique music, something concocted from neither the realms of normality, nor the boarder-line to death and insanity...we create our music 'in' Middlespace, where minds are free and thoughts all magically come together like one giant gig-saw puzzle! Middlespace is 'you', when you lock the door on your thoughts long enough to hear your spirit sing. We love. We hate. We live. Just like everyone. We are aware of this as we attempt to break the chains of society, plug ourselves into the amplifier of life and plunge into the pool of possibilities!

Although Middlespace crosses a number of genres of music, we produce predominantly rock music, be it hard-rock or softer relaxing diddies!

Middlespace members are:

Paul O'Neill
Lead singer, song-writer and producer

Micheal Scully
Lead guitarist and song-writer

Stephen O'Neill
Singer, guitarist and song-writer

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