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Alternative // Cork

mollie, a self-described 'soul searcher' from North Cork, creates a VIBRATION in her unique yet definite sound. Her honest expression and raw vulnerability, create an exploration of self and sound, fitting no specific genre and not easily assimilated by everyone; mollie strives for her music to be FELT rather than heard.

Versatile, discerning, and enthusiastic, mollie fuses genres such as R&B Soul and Lo-fi Hip Hop as well as stripped back, live acoustic performances; demonstrating her exploration of a wide array of sounds that overlay personal and compelling stories of her own.

Her debut single, your poison (April 2021), a stripped-back, raw, live acoustic performance was inspired by two of the strongest human emotions - love and hate. The concept of the song revolves around a destructive relationship, where passion and co-dependency result in a poisonous connection between two lost souls. The depiction of a toxic situation combined with emotional trauma and feelings of being trapped is the essence of this heartbreaking, passionate track,

"Your chocolate tastes like cigarettes, I'll rip you up 'til there's nothing left, this poison sits deep in my veins, I'm ready to be free of your chains".

your poison was then followed by her latest release, do or die (May 2021), which explores the depiction of ego and self-worth. Powerful and perceptive lyrics mixed over an old school, lo-fi hip hop beat, mollie grasps the listener, guiding them on an almost psychedelic experience; a spiritual journey, encouraging the listener to "wake up" and see that there is so much more to life than just existing,

"But soon you'll wake up and realize it's all over when you're stone-cold sober full of your own lies. And you'll ask yourself, the same questions I asked myself, but it's too late, and there's nothing to do but die"

Over the coming months, mollie has some fascinating and exciting projects in the making, laying down the foundations of a potentially promising career for this emerging artist.