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Molly Vulpyne

Alternative // Kildare

Molly Vulpyne, known as the guitarist and vocalist of dynamic punk rock duo Vulpynes and for recent collaborations with avant-garde punk artist Meryl Streek, is now unveiling her inaugural solo endeavor. In her own words, Molly describes this as "an experiment I miraculously achieved without overthinking, one that feels truly authentic."

Featuring poignant and unfiltered lyrics referencing love and the darkness of the mind, Molly's new project embraces newfound vulnerability. Intertwined with haunting harmonies and Molly's signature riffs, her solo work maintains a distinctive edge.

Meryl Streek takes charge of the drums and beats, bass duties are expertly handled by Tony Carberry, known for his work with the Lee Harveys, while the track "Dead in the Water" features the talents of Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions.

This solo project marks a shift towards melody over raw power, re sulting in an infectious and captivating sound.'Amoritse' is out on FOAD Musick in association with Scene Report Recordings on the 24th February 2024.